Monday, February 25, 2013

Gel nails

This is the first time doing gel nails on myself (^__^). I decided to do an oval shape, the long and the shorter version, with a white tip and simple one stroke flowers. The color is purple, but showes blue in the pictures.

I have to say that the length on my left hand is not very practical. I am typing with the tips of the nails, I did many things like bathed the children and washed my hair etc, but it really slows me down.

The length of my right hand's nails, on the other hand, is very good. Still longer than what I was used to, but they feel ok, I can do everything as before. Maybe it is the shape, I can't say really.

Love letters - Valentine's nailart

I thought I had already posted this before Valentine's.. Anyway, here was my second Valentine design, combining newspaper and heart shapes in pink:

 Products used (besides base cota, topcat, and newspaper..):

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sky is the limit - Valentine's nailart

I love Valentine's nails, all pinks, purples, reds, romantic or gothic nails especially for this day, all the inspiring combinations of animal prints and other patterns with flowers, lips and hearts! I even love the anti-valentine's nails that give a more humorous point of view:)

I also love blue color, almost every blue shade I've seen, and I chose this one to be my base color for my first valentine's nailart for this year. Combined with silver glitter and white paint, I think it gives a lovely alternative for this special day.

Different light gives different results, the color is a lovely sky blue by Art Deco, more like the first picture in real.


I am a huge coffee addict, no less than 4 cups a day, and I really can't say no to it's smell, nomatter what time it is. Plus, I like my coffee black, no milk or cream added for the last 3 years, but what kind of nailart would that make?

This is my idea for a coffee inspired nailart, combining water marble (ringfinger and thumb) and a super easy design made with a dotting tool. Coffee, anyone?

Polishes used: